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entree cloudknight automne
entree cloudknight automne

Within each dog breeds there are  individuals of different sizes and this is the reason it is not possible for us to determined the size of the scent articles using the dog's breed.

Here are ways to find out the right size of scent articles
for your dog

Your Obedience instructor

Your Obedience instructor is the best person that can help you find out the right size of scent articles for your dog.

Using our scent articles samples

We always bring our scent articles samples when attending dog events.  Your dog will be able to try them out to see which size would be best for him/her.

The list of events we will be at is on the Events page of my websit.

Using your dog's Open dumbbell

It is also possible to find out the size of scent articles for your dog by using his/her Open dumbbell.  Here are measurement that are needed:

- Measurements of the sides (ex. 2"X2", 2.5"X2.5", etc...)
- Length of the dowel.  The measurement has to be taken between the 2 sides where the space is the widest.

Below is a picture of an Open dumbbell with an arrow showing where to take the measurement for the length of the dowel for the scent articles.

copy43_où mesurer pour goujons articles
copy43_où mesurer pour goujons articles

Single dowel or double dowels?

This choice will be made according to your dog.  It is very important that the dog is comfortable when picking the article from the ground.

Since dogs are already use to the Open dumbbell which is a single dowel, majority of dogs will be comfortable with single dowel scent articles.

Time has shown us that 90% of dogs will be comfortable with single dowels scent articles.

Here a few examples that double dowels would make it so that a dog would be more comfortable with double dowels scent articles:

- Dogs with a very long nose (Collie, Borzoi, etc...).  The length of the nose makes it so that the dog can not pick up the scent articles from the ground comfortably.

- Dogs that do mouthing.  In some rare cases, having double dowels will prevent mouthing from some dogs.

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